Welcome to the motioncomics.io forum


The motioncomics.io forum is a place for comics and manga creators to discuss how to create and publish motion comics online.

Motion comics are made up of panels, motion and sound, and are the next generation of comics that leverage the power of the browsers and the web.

Here, you can:

  1. Find and share how to create and publish motion comics on the web
  2. Gather and share really cool motion comics and experiments you find online
  3. Find resources like background images, background music and sound effects to use in motion comics
  4. Showcase your art and stories, and make friends!
  5. Discuss the ways you’d improve motioncomics.io and influence the future direction of the website

The main purpose of this forum is be the go-to place to discuss anything related to motioncomics.io.

motioncomics.io is a website that enables comics creators to upload comic panels and music, create a motion comic, and publish it online where it can be read on any device with a browser.

My name is Chafic and I’ll be administrating this forum. Feel free to contact me at chafic@motioncomics.io if you need anything :smile:

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